We have selected a few free download tetris games for you. Transfer them and install them on your computer. Do not forget to come back to check new games or just to play tetris online. Pootris and 2D Play Tetris are also much fun to play.

Download tetris games

Original Tetris

The first game that we present is simply called "Tetris". It deserves this names since this is the original tetris developed by three Russian programmers: Alexey Pajintov, Dmitry Pavlovsky in Vadim Gerasimov. The original idea was Alexey's whose interest was games development even before he met his new colleagues.

You can download original tetris here.

Tetris Extreme 1.0

You can download and install game Tetris Extreme 1.0 on your PC. It is very similar to the most played online tetris game 2D Play Tetris. Compare your results with your gaming friends online.

Download Tetris Extreme 1.0 here.

Crystal Office Tetris

This game also is very easy. It represents classic tetris with beautiful graphics. It also gives current score, level of gameplay, number of filled rows and for encouragement also the highscore to beat and the next falling tetrominoe.

You can download Crystal Office Tetris here.