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All tetris games

2DPlay Tetris
Classic tetris that we all know. 2D Play Tetris is one of the most played online games.

Use left and right arrow keys to move the blocks, up-arrow to turn down-arrow for fast descend.

3D Stereogram Tetris
Check 3D graphics and play this hard 3D tetris game.

Use W, A, S, D and space.

3D Tetris
3D tetris from bird's perspective. You will definatelly warm up your fingers.

Use arrow keys to move the blocks and QWEASD to turn them.

Blokus Tetris
Tetris in a little different way.

Use the mouse to pull the blocks in a manner to fill the yellow field.

Boombox Tetris
A very explosive tetris. Join the cubes of the same color and let them explode.

Join three cubes of the same color. Special cubes can compensate for any color and can help you a lot.

Candy Tetris
A mixture of tetris and Four in a row. This time 3 in a row:)

Put 3 blocks in a row - horizontal, vertical od diagonal. With up-arrow you change the colors of blocks.

Tetris Cutey Cubes
Remove all blocks with viruses. Set 4 blocks of the same color in a row.

Use arrow keys to navigate the blocks.

Death Match Tetris
Dead man's tetris. Combine skulls of the same shape.

Set 3 skulls in a row. With up arrow you can change the order of the falling skulls.

Elite Tetris
Classic tetris with russian background.

Use arrow keys to move blocks left and right, to rotate and to drop them fast.

Tetris Fruit Drop
Fruit tetris. There is a selectoion of fruits instead of boring blocks.

Use arrow keys. Up-arrow turns the 'fruit basket'.

Miniclip Tetris
Tetris with a special bomb block.

Just use the arrow keys.

Oggy Mania Tetris
Tetris game with some russian music.

Combine 4 balls of the same color.

Build toilet pipes to flush it. Don't stink up your bathroom.

Use arrow keys to move the bricks and mouse to choose additional options.

Prehistoric Tetris
Prehistoric tetris with stones.

Move the stones with left, right and down arrow keys and roll them with the up arrow key.

Quad Tetris
Tetris with double rows to fill. Something really fresh and fun.

Aim is to put the 4 cornering blocks together. You can play with keyboard or mouse.

Can you play two tetris games at the same time?

With only one press of a button you change positions on two tetris games. Choose the best option for both.

Tetris 7
Original tetris with 7 additional shapes. How fast can you adapt?

Up arrow rotates the blocks, the other three arrow keys move the blocks around.

Even first level of this classic tetris is very fast. How fast are you?

Use arrow keys; up-arrow turns the block.

Tetrix 2 Egyptian
Egyptian tetris online. Go back a few thousand years.

You can move the blocks with arrow keys. 'P' is for pause.

Tetris Tower 100
You have 100 bricks available. Build a tower as high as possible and try not to waste valuable time.

You move the bricsk with arrow keys. Be very gentle and accurate while moving those bricks around.

Under Construction Tetris
Build a skyscraper in this fun tetris game. Every block takes you higher.

Move the bricks from the conveyor belt. Level is finished when there are no blank spaces or very small one.

Wrax Tetris
Cosmic tetris with hitting the balls.

Combie three balls of the same color. Use mouse to find the appropriate position and click to drop the ball.

Most played tetris games

Oggy Mania Tetris (22045)
2DPlay Tetris (20549)
Tetris Cutey Cubes (13668)
Candy Tetris (13133)
3D Stereogram Tetris (12053)

Top rated tetris games

Tetris Tower 100 (rate 5)
Tetris Cutey Cubes (rate 4,7)
Under Construction Tetris (rate 4,67)
Pootris (rate 4,5)
Prehistoric Tetris (rate 4,33)